Food Connections, Bristol – Spice Workshop

Spices, cardamom, star anise, casia

We are super excited to announce that we are taking part in this year’s Food Connections festival in Bristol!

Join us for a special spice cookery workshop & meal on Saturday 7th May at the Surplus Supper Club Cafe in St Pauls.

We are inviting people to come and get hands on in the kitchen, to learn about spices and prepare a delicious meal together.

Book your place through the Food Connections website.

Spice Workshop & Meal

Would you like to be more confident in how to use spices in your cooking? How to buy, store, temper and use them to make your food even more delicious?

Head Chef Sally says: “We love to cook with spices and eat them almost every day. They are most often associated with Indian food for me, and so I decided to use some of my favourite Southern Indian dishes to showcase spice cooking.

Spiced Pecan & Goats Cheese Salad with Pomgranate

In large Indian households there used to be a dedicated member of staff whose job it was to buy and prepare spices for the kitchen. The spice wallah was an important part of the household as their skills affected all the food eaten there.

The best spice wallahs were highly sought-after and employed in the most prestigious houses. Our aim is to teach you to be a spice wallah.” 

Using spices is the most important part of preparing Indian food. Their flavours give Indian dishes their distinct character.

Understanding how different spices are prepared, and why they are added to dishes in different ways, is essential in making authentic Indian food.These skills can then be applied to any cuisine which uses spices and also to your own creations.

Where do peppercorns come from

Wild peppercorns

The aim of the workshop is to give a comprehensive overview of the full range of spices and to learn basic techniques which can be used in all cooking & cuisines.

All participants will get the chance to get hands on, cooking and preparing spices for different dishes.

At the end of the workshop we will all come together for a collaborative meal. Starters and desserts will be provided by us and the main course will be cooked by you, with additional treats from the Recipe For Gluttony kitchen.

You will learn:

  • History of spices
  • Buying & selecting the best spices
  • Storing spices properly
  • Pairing spices and selecting the best ones for your dish
  • Preparing spices including tempering and roasting

The dish we will prepare together is called masala dosa. It is a crispy savoury pancake served with a spiced potato filling, sambar and green chutney – all of which contain different spices prepared in different ways. We will then sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labour and share a meal together.

Everyone who attends will also get to take away some Recipe For Gluttony sambar mix and recipe sheets for everything we have eaten during the day.

All the food will be vegetarian – with great spices there is no need for meat! – with fresh ingredients sourced as locally and seasonally as possible and spices from a fairtrade souce wherever we can.

Cardamom spice

Event Info

Day: Saturday 7th May
Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: £35, includes all ingredients and dinner, all you need to bring is an apron

Book your place through the Food Connections website.

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