Foodie Speed Dating

Our first Small Plate Speed Date event is this Saturday!

We are so excited about becoming matchmakers for the evening, we are planning carefully to make sure that the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, fun and low pressure so that everyone enjoys themselves and has a delicious, delightful evening!

So, now is time to reveal our special menu – all carefully curated to ensure there is minimal chance of spillage or spinach in the teeth!

Small Plate Speed Date Menu

  • Celeriac Veloute

Silky smooth celeriac soup with toasted sunflower seeds

  • Carrot cashew pâté

Slow cooked carrot infused with ginger & star anise with roasted crushed cashews served on toast

  • Turkish Lentil salad

Lentils braised with coriander seed served with lots of fresh dill, mint & parsley

  • Mushroom consommé

Clear mushroom soup

  • Spanish Tortilla with charred spring onion

Classic potato omelette with a charred spring onion & tangy tomato sauce

  • Mushroom & hazelnut tart

Crispy shortcrust pastry with sauteed and roasted mushrooms topped with a hazelnut crunch

  • Prosecco sorbet
  • Roasted pear with blue cheese crumble

Soft roasted pear with a red wine syrup & crumble topping with a hint of blue cheese

  • Frozen nougat with popcorn

Classic frozen nougat with pistachio praline & salty popcorn

  • Chocolate truffle

A rich dark chocolate truffle


So yummy!

If you’ve got any concerns or are feeling a bit nervous, please do feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions!

You can email us on or head here to book your tickets:

19th March – Small Plate Speed Date: For men and women to meet (30-45)

Please note: The age range is a suggestion, if you fall outside of this you are, of course, still welcome.



3 responses to “Foodie Speed Dating

  1. Thankyou Sally and Becky and all involved in last nights Small Plate Speed Date event, it was so much fun. Great food, Wine and company!! Relaxed and friendly night out, perfect for an evening out with a difference.
    Looking forward to next time already !
    Claire xxx

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