COB – Creative Occupations Bureau Nottingham

Last weekend we went out for our customary post supperclub celebration brunch to a new cafe in Nottingham. We just had to write a quick post about it as we loved it so much.

Creative Operations Bureau Nottingham

Post-supperclub brunch feasting

Creative Occupations Bureau is in Cobden Chambers which is fast becoming our fave bit of Nottingham. It is a small arcade which has been converted into an area for creative businesses. It is really lovely & has some interesting projects & gorgeous shops.

Must take a minute here to plug our friend Claire’s place Ursa Minor – it is the coolest shop ever with some fab clothes & cutting egde art. We love it. She has a website where you can find out more about what she sells and for those of you not in Nottingham she has also started online sales.ursa minor apparel

Cobden Chambers is a lovey place to enjoy some of Nottingham’s architectural heritage. The buildings have been renovated beautifully and plenty of original features have been left to enjoy. The outside of COB is a great example.
Creative Operations Bureau Nottingham
COB is a lovely cafe. We felt right at home straight away. The staff are really friendly & the space is simple but comfortable & inviting. There is a straightforward menu & cakes on display (I hate ordering a cake without seeing it first so I like this). I think the menu has been well designed with a decent variety but it is not too long.

I had the saltbeef sandwich with sauerkraut & sweet onion chutney on sourdough & so did Becky. It was lovely, tender, tasty beef, tangy sauerkraut & sweet chutney to balance. The bread was delicious & they have gluten free options which I will be trying next time.

Anders had the vegetable platter which was pretty spectacular. I had a taste of a few things & the cumin pickled carrots were my fave. There were also really good olives, hummus, roast veg, marinated chickpeas, artichokes & a great selection of mini breads & crackers. Our friend Abi had the roast veg sandwich and the soup which I think was carrot. She actually finished it all which is really a massive compliment as she is not a big eater. There were lots of tasty vegetarian and vegan options on the menu along with a good range for us meat eaters.

We moved on to cakes & I chose the Benedict Bar. I might regret this as I feel I will never be able to resist them. It is a simple but beautiful thing – shortbread base, intense plum jam, caramelised almonds. I have re-named it the crack bar due to its totally addictive character. Anders & Bex shared a triple chocolate brownie & a cinnamon bun. They were both rich & delicious.

Creative Operations Bureau Nottingham

Benedict Bar

Creative Operations Bureau Nottingham I should say a little about the coffee as this is a cafe. It is really really good & we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact it is Damn Fine a new micro roastery in Nottingham. The tea selection is also excellent with beautiful herbs & good quality black teas. Anders had this cammomile & the aroma was intense.Creative Occupations Bureau NottinghamCOB has only been open for a couple of weeks so we were really impressed at how it felt like it has been there a long time. It has been well designed and is well organised. We highly recommend a visit. It also turns out that they are a social enterprise so you will be supporting a great cause just by eating delicious stuff. WIN!Creative Occupations Bureau Nottingham
by Sally

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