How to make sun dried tomatoes

How to make sun dried tomatoes

This is an easy recipe which anyone can follow to learn how to make sun dried tomatoes. You can save money on the fancy shop-bought ones and you can make them to your own tastes, more or less juicy as you prefer. It’s a win-win, plus although it takes time, it requires very little effort.

Sun blushed tomatoes, or sun dried tomatoes – however you prefer – are a great addition to lots of meals. They pep up a sandwich or a toastie, they are a great addition to salads, you can add them to a tomato pasta for a more intense flavour or you can chop them finely through cous cous. I’m sure there’s lots more options too… how do you eat yours?
How to make sun dried tomatoes

How to make sun dried tomatoes

    1. Get a big bag of tomatoes (I think I usually work with 10 or so, but the recipe is very flexible. Don’t worry about the quality. I’ve made it with under and over-ripe ones and both work fine, so feel free to use up tomatoes you have left over, or buy cheap ones if you see them. Chop them in half and take out the seeds & little stalky bit at the top of each half.

How to make sun dried tomatoes

  1. Get a cooling rack with a tray underneath (or improvise one if you don’t have anything like that) and put all the tomatoes face up on it. Next mix together 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt and sprinkle this over all the tomatoes. They want a light even covering, if you have more tomatoes just make up more mixture, if you have less, don’t use it all.
  2. Turn all the tomatoes face down and leave for around an hour – you can leave them for longer if that doesn’t fit with your schedule! This drains out the fluid and makes them ready to be dried.
  3. Pop them in a roasting tin with a light drizzle of olive oil, some springs of thyme if you have it and a few bay leaves torn into pieces. Add a good grind of pepper over the whole lot.
  4. Put into the oven on a low low temperature – say 100 degrees, gas mark 1/4. You can then leave them happily blushing away for 4-5 hours. If you prefer them more dried then leave them longer – this is where you get to make the taste suit you. You can leave them in overnight if you like them very dried. Tip – don’t turn the oven up to speed up the process, it doesn’t really work like that.
  5. Store in olive oil and they should last at least a week.

You can also make these with cherry tomatoes, if you have a glut of those. All you need to do differently is put them into a bowl when you chop them in half, sprinkle over the sugar/salt mixture, stir well and then leave to drain into the bowl.

Another tip – if you decide it might be a good idea to try actually sun-drying your tomatoes, don’t use a metal tin… they take on the flavour of it… and yes I speak from experience on that one!
How to make sun dried tomatoes



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