Gluttons Club – Menu for ‘A Taste Of Portugal’

Bristol's newest supperclub
*Please note this event is now sold out – we will be announcing more dates soon*

Our first ever supperclub event is fast approaching and we have been excitedly sharing, perfecting and arguing over recipes for our Taste Of Portugal menu.

This is a subject which is very near and dear to both our hearts as we have been visiting the country for a long time and have a lot of magical memories linked to the place and the food. So you can imagine that narrowing it down to a few dishes for our menu has been pretty tough, but we’ve done it!

We are serving up a fabulous four course (+ treats) menu of Portuguese delicacies and delights – our favourite foods and recipes from our 20 years of visiting the Algarve.

Gluttons club

Testing out recipes

Portuguese food is simple yet luxurious, with fresh prawns, rustic bread, hearty fish soup and (of course) piri piri all finding a special place in our hearts.

Eating out in Portugal takes time. Everything is freshly prepared & diners enjoy wine & conversation between courses. We want to recreate that special atmosphere in the charming surroundings of the scout boathouse on the river.

Benjamin Perry Boathouse - scout hut Bristol

Benjamin Perry Boathouse, on the riverside in front of Redcliffe Parade

Portugal has an ancient and rich culinary tradition. We can’t reflect it all in one menu, so we have chosen to serve dishes which reflect our favourite memories, from the burning heat of our first taste of chicken piri piri to a dessert inspired by our favourite ever pastry – Pastel de Nata.

Join us for a friendly, fun evening of sumptuous slow food and enjoy the flavours of Portugal, where oranges grow, the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and the hot sun intensifies the flavours of every dish.



Home made Portuguese breads, traditional sardine pate, marinated carrots, olives, chorizo, cheese and salted butter



Algarvian Fish Soup – A traditional recipe fisherman’s-style soup made from all the tastiest parts of fish, with tomatoes and fresh herbs


Fish Course

Prawns O’ Tiago – A dish from one of our favourite restaurants in the western Algarve. Whole prawns flambeed in butter, garlic, brandy, piri piri and finished with a dash of cream


Main Course

Chicken Piri Piri with Portuguese potatoes & salads – Old-school marinated corn fed chicken with slow cooked potatoes in wine & bay. A true delight and emblematic of Portuguese cuisine where beautiful mediterranean ingredients meet heat and spices from over the Atlantic.



Portuguese ‘housewife’ custard tart with port poached plums



Of course vegetarian and vegan options will also be on offer, which will recreate the flavours of Portugal using beautiful local vegetables, from Caldo Verde soup with homemade piri piri oil to fresh-picked broad bean salad and more.
Cooking for the supperclubThe suggested donation is £25 pp – BYOB – we would recommend a light crisp white to complement the food. Portuguese wines are a delicious option, go for something from the Douro or Alentejo region, or try a green wine for a lower alcohol variety. If you’d prefer beer then try Super Bock or Sagres for a Portuguese flavour.

All our produce will be sustainably sourced with as many homegrown and local ingredients as possible. if you have any questions about the menu or any specific dietary requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can’t wait to share our favourite dishes, with you.

BOOKING: Advance booking is highly recommended as we only have a limited number of seats. Simply email



p.s. a few snaps which hopefully give some idea of why we love this place so much:
Portuguese blue framed door

eating musses

Eating mussels

Beautiful portuguese beach

Yellow doors on portuguese house

Algarvian fishermans soup

Flowers in Algarve

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