Kiosk Sherwood

Kiosk is a teeny tiny cafe (hence the name) in Sherwood in Nottingham. This weekend when back in that fair city visiting friends we popped in for Sunday brunch. When we lived in Nottingham we were about 5 mins from the location of this little eatery and, now that I’ve sampled their wares, I’m very sad it only opened after we left. If it had been open before I think I would’ve given up cooking and just eaten there.

Kiosk Sherwood

So, it’s small. I know I already said that, but it really is. Somehow they’ve managed to squeeze around 20 seats into a converted shipping container, so if you’re looking for lots of space to lounge around… this isn’t it. If, however, you quite like a cosy seating arrangement, then head on in. I have no problem with being all squeezed in, and the food is so good and the atmosphere so friendly that you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

There were six of us heading in for brunch on a busy Sunday morning and we had a variety of dishes from the menu and every last one was a big hit. We tried: the full brunch (a very good English breakfast), posh beans on toast, the “little bit of everything” plate and the Ras El Hanout egg sandwich on turkish bread.

Kiosk Sherwood

The food all arrived reasonably quickly, at the same time, piping hot and beautifully presented. The posh beans on toast were made from scratch and came with a delicious and vibrantly green parsley oil. The “little bit of everything” had some of the posh beans a little crunchy cucumber salad and a broad bean dip. They were served with a variety of lovely breads, from a very thin crispy cracker bread to thick slices of turkish bread.

I went with the Ras El Hanout egg sandwich, with two added peppery sausages, because I’m greedy. The egg was fried with Ras El Hanout spices and served in fresh Turkish bread with a dollop of garlic yoghurt and it was a triumph. Seriously. There’s no other word to describe it. Totally delicious, the idea of frying the egg in rich Moroccan spices is inspired. It gave it a fresh, rich orange hue which was then matched by the perfectly runny yolk.

This was not a breakfast to eat daintily. We guzzled them greedily and eyed each other’s yolks like hungry vultures. The garlic yoghurt was just a taste of creamy freshness to offset the yolk and a little drizzle of parsley oil added zing. The bread was the perfect texture to accompany the egg – soft but with a good structure to hold the yolk and give the whole thing a little bit of welcome chewyness.
Kiosk Sherwood
Kiosk Sherwood

I know I’m saying a lot about an egg sandwich, but seriously, it’s all true. And it only cost £3.50 (sausages were extra). A bargain for such a lovingly prepared dish.

Alongside our breakfast we had lovely coffee, tea, fresh juices and more. Then we took cakes away to enjoy later (the orange and chocolate wheat free number was superb!). If this is the usual standard of fare at Kiosk Sherwood then the people of Nottingham are really very lucky indeed. I’m pretty sure it is, too, because I’m sick of hearing about how great it is from all my Notts friends! I’m glad that now I can say I’ve been too and can firmly add myself to their growing legion of fans!


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