Happy New Year!

Four days into the new year and I’ve finally gotten around to thinking what my resolutions might be. I know not everyone likes to make resolutions, but for me they are a fun way to encourage myself to try new things, give up bad things and generally set myself some mini goals. So, I haven’t got a finalised list yet, but I’ve got a couple ready which are food-related…

  1. Give up crisps

    Bowl of crisps

    For some reason when we lived in Barcelona I got really into eating crisps. I have an incredibly sweet tooth, so my snacks are usually chocolate/cake-based, but now I’ve added crisps as well.

    I don’t even really like crisps that much, so now that we’re back I’ve decided to trim the bad snacks back down to just sweet ones again! I did this resolution once before a few years ago and made it through to May which I was really proud of. This year I’m going to try to beat that record!*

  2. Bake more bread

    BreadImage via BBC

    I love love love bread. I’m a bread fiend. I think it may be my favourite food. When we lived in Spain I was spoiled with great fresh bread available from one of the 15 bakeries within 2 mins walk of my front door.

    In England I’m always disappointed with the poor quality of readily available bread. Supermarket bread is generally very poor, most bakeries seem to use packet mixes and, in general, it’s too white, too doughy and doesn’t have half of the flavour it should.

    I’ve got some things I’m planning to try and will share and document on the blog, including the french trick of keeping back a part of your dough to incorporate into your next bread batch to get a strongly developed flavour, and trying to grow and maintain a sourdough starter.

    However, the thing that will help me bake bread more regularly is Sally’s no-knead bread recipe. I’ve done this a few times now and while I’ve had a couple of issues (usually accidentally adding a bit too much water), it is so easy peasy lemon squeezy that I’m always willing to give it another go.

    It takes literally 5 minutes of labour and then the fridge does the rest of the work. It’s no mess, no fuss and no trouble. Even if you’ve never baked any bread in your life, I think you could confidently give it a go.


So, have you made any resolutions? Do you have any tips for keeping them? Share in the comments and we can support each other!


* As a little explanation… A New Year’s Resolution, to me, isn’t a promise that I have to keep for life, it’s a test for myself, a little challenge and I just enjoy seeing how long I can keep them up for.

5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. But, Becky, you’ve moved to Bristol – where there are a hundred small bakers all making delicious stuff! Try Bordeaux Quay’s white tin for the best white bread for toast ever. Or their five seed loaf if you’re a brown bread person. Thanks for reminding me about Sally’s no-knead recipe. I bought yeast and flour when I first read it and then forgot where I’d seen the recipe…

  2. Good luck with your resolutions šŸ˜€ both sounds very sensible and achievable. I also love the sound of that no – knead bread. I’ll have to give it a go x

    • Thank you! I hope to keep up my resolutions for a while… fingers crossed I can beat my previous record. I really recommend the no-knead bread, I think it’s one of those things you could get into a habit with and always have nice fresh bread šŸ™‚

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