De Tapes De Barcelona – 20th to 30th Nov

If you’re in Barcelona between now and the end of the month then keep an eye out for the cafes and bars taking part in a big tapas trail all over the city. Called “Tapes” in Catalan, but pronounced the same, these are lovely little bites, just right for a snack.

Sponsored by Estrella Damm, there are bars in every area offering a signature tapa an a canya (small beer) for just 2,50 euros. And even though the price is more than reasonable, they haven’t skimped on ingredients with all sorts of delights on offer, from a local pine mushroom burger to a shrimp and baby calamari kebab with wasabi mayonnaise.

So, check out your local barrio, look out for the Estrella Tapes De Barcelona signs outside and grab yourself a tasty bite and a small beer for just a few coins. You can pick up a map (see below) or download the app – just search for la ruta de tapes.

Tapas barcelona

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