Pancake Syrup Recipe – Honey, Orange & Cardamom

This is a very quick post to share a delicious breakfast recipe which I made last weekend.

We woke up on a somewhat grey morning, with somewhat grey complexions, after a drop too much wine the night before.

Pancakes were the answer, so I whipped up a batch of fluffy pancake batter and got to work cooking them ready for breakfast.

When I say ‘whipped up’ I’m using dramatic licence. Really I crawled slowly around the kitchen measuring things wrong and re-doing it while moaning loudly about my headache.

Anyway, it was during this process that I realised we had nothing to go on the pancakes I was whipping up. I could say that I had this fabulous idea for a pancake topping and was glad of a chance to use it, but really I just couldn’t face a trip to the shops so I foraged in the cupboards for anything fresh to serve with them. All I had was two small mandarin oranges. Luckily, from that, this recipe was born.

The great thing about this syrup is that all you need is some form of fresh orange and a few store cupboard essentials and that’s the job done. Plus, you can even handle doing it when you’re a little ‘under the weather’ as it’s dead easy and takes only 3 mins or so.

So first, make up a batch of these Fluffy Pancakes.

Second, whip up this simple syrup in about 3 mins, tops:

  • Juice of 1/2 small orange
  • 3 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 cardamom pods lightly crushed to release the seeds

Pop the lot into a pan, heat until boiling and then turn off and leave to infuse.

To serve, drizzle liberally over copious amounts of pancakes and serve with half orange segments. If you’re a fan of adding a creamy element with your pancakes, then I think creme fraiche would work well here, or thick greek yoghurt.




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