Homemade Mincemeat

Perfect time to make some mince pie filling so it has time to mature before the Christmas feasting begins. I know you can buy decent stuff but homemade it waaaaay better


Homemade mince pies The best Christmas food, mince pies.

You are probably wondering why you should go to the trouble of making your own mincemeat. A few years ago I would not have dreamed of it myself. However, circumstances forced me to and I am so glad they did. It is really easy and worth it. I know store bought mincemeat is good but homemade is a lot, lot better.

Mince Pies are one of my favourite foods ever. It kind of annoys me that they are only eaten at Christmas but it does make them even more special. I used to love them as a child even though I thought I hated dried fruit, nuts, spices and candied peel, all the main ingredients. I really loved that fruity, spicy, juicy filling with soft buttery pastry.

My nan used to make the best ones with really thin crispy, light pastry. I have never…

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