Baked Peaches

Baked Peaches - A Recipe For Gluttony blog Baked peaches are a quick tasty treat for a weekday evening. I have a sweet tooth. I will never refuse a dessert, say no to a biscuit or turn down a square of chocolate. However, I don’t often have time to prepare a proper pudding – particularly during the week or when i’m cooking something more elaborate for the main course.

Usually a few Maltesers or a Hobnob will do the trick after dinner, but sometimes I want something more. This is a great go-to dessert for that situation. All you need are some peaches and cream of some description (ice cream, mascarpone, single or double cream, yoghurt, ricotta, creme fraiche – anything will work) and you’ve got the basics for a fantastic tasty pudding which requires little in the way of hard work.

The result from this quick 5 min prep & 20 min bake is a rich, sweet and juicy pudding which melts in the mouth. It tastes grown-up enough to serve at a dinner party, but I think kids might like it too. The cream element is essential to take it from a fairly low-cal basic treat to an indulgent pudding.

Ingredients (to serve 2 greedy people or 4 not so greedy people)

– 2 Peaches
– Brown sugar (or white if that’s all you have)
– Honey
– Butter

Nice extras:
– Rose water and Cardamom (ground)
– or Cinnamon (ground)
– or dessert wine/ sherry (a couple of teaspoons before baking and a glass to drink with them!)


    • Preheat the oven to around 180 degrees / 190 degreees depending on how well your oven works.
    • Chop your peaches in half, take out the stone and put them cut side up onto a baking tray.
    • Put a small knob of butter (half the size of the stone) into the centre of each half.
    • Drizzle a teaspoon of honey over each peach half.

Baked peaches - A Recipe For Gluttony blog

    • Sprinkle over some brown sugar – to taste, if your peaches are less ripe then add a thicker layer.
    • If you’re using rose water add either 1/4 tsp or 1/2 tsp, depending on how much you like it and how strong yours is.
    • If you’re using cardamom or cinnamon, sprinkle on around 1/4 tsp – again add more if yours isn’t terribly fresh, or less if it’s not your bag.
    • If you’re using dessert wine (or similar) sprinkle over a few teaspoons on each half.

Baked peaches - A Recipe For Gluttony blog

  • Bake for minimum 20 mins. Mine took around 35 because the peaches weren’t that ripe and I wanted them to be pretty soft.
  • Serve with a good dollop of the cream of your choice. We had mascarpone and it was pretty rich, I prefer it with creme fraiche for that slightly sour note to contrast with the sweet peaches.
  • If you’re feeling extra decadent/ want to change things up then add some sprinkles – you could use toasted pistachios, almonds or hazlenuts, crushed biscuits, a dusting of cocoa – whatever takes your fancy.

And that’s it. Yep, it’s just halve, top with a couple of bits and pop in the oven. It takes roughly 3-5 mins to prepare and can bake while you eat your dinner, or after while you digest. Delicious baked peaches, no fuss. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more involved try one of our other pudding recipes like steamed ginger sponge, rhubarb posset or lychee & ginger cheesecake.

Do you like baked fruit? What’s your favourite?

Thanks for reading!


Baked peaches - A Recipe For Gluttony blog  Baked peaches - A Recipe For Gluttony blog

One response to “Baked Peaches

  1. Love this recipe sis. Roasted fruits are a beautiful thing & peaches are my fave. I love it when they just hold their shape so the slightest pressure makes them pop with juices. I look forward to you making these for me one day.

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