Super Refreshing Water

I call this super refreshing water. It’s one of those rare treats which is quick to make, delicious and super healthy. If only all food were like this!

While the weather is warm there is nothing more refreshing than this water. Keep some in the fridge at all times to rehydrate in the nicest possible way.
Super Refreshing Water

It is incredibly easy to make and can look very pretty if served in a nice jug at the table – perfect for picnics, barbecues or just as a refresher with your usual evening meal.

I know a few people who don’t drink a lot of water because they find it ‘boring’. This can mean they end up drinking a lot of overly-sugary, processed drinks. This water is not boring though & Sally drinks it when fasting to break the monotony of just drinking water.

So, this is more of a suggestion than a recipe really. Don’t worry about getting the quantities right, just leap in and adjust to suit your tastes. These are the quantities I use to give you an idea.
Super Refreshing Water

Super Refreshing Water Recipe

You will need:
1l water
5-6 slices cucumber
2-3 slices lemon
Fresh mint
Super Refreshing Water


1. Wash the fruit & herbs well.
2. Slice your lemon & cucumber as thinly as you can – peel and all.
3. Crush a sprig or two of mint in your hand to bruise the leaves (this releases the oil).

Super Refreshing Water
4. Put the fruit & herbs into a jug & fill it with water. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours before drinking.

That’s it!

Super Refreshing Water
Delicious served cold from the fridge, or with lots of ice. You can top up the water a couple of times and it should still be tasty. You can substitute or omit as needed – I made a lime & mint version recently because that was all I had in the fridge. It’s not quite as delicious, but still very refreshing.

This super refreshing water has a light, tangy, cooling taste, and has the added side benefit of bringing health benefits and cleansing your system. The lemon gives it a little natural sweetness, adds vitamin C and combines well with the other flavours. The cucumber is very low in calories and adds vitamins and minerals which your body will thank you for – electrolytes, potassium (good for your heart), vitamin K (good for your bones & brain) and various anti-oxidants. Finally, the fresh mint contains many essential oils like menthol, menthone, menthol acetate. These affect the body’s cold receptors and are responsible for the natural cooling-sensation that it initiates when ingested. It also contains anti-oxidants and minerals.
Super Refreshing Water
So, with a simple glass of water you can feel super hydrated, refreshed, cleansed, healthy and happy!

by Becky

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