Hunger is the best spice

I spotted this fab art print & tea towel set online today and had to share it with you.

It’s made by illustrator Kavel Rafferty and can be purchased here.

I just loved the sentiment of this and the cool hand-drawn design.

Kavel Rafferty

I think any cook can appreciate what is being said here. I’ve cooked a few meals where I’ve ‘tasted’ so often during the cooking that I’ve tasted myself right out of fully enjoying it!

And as an eater I’ve had simple, boring, plain meals, meals which took no preparation and still end up tasting amazing because I’m super hungry and that is the perfect thing to eat at that moment. From packets of strong salt and vinegar crisps after swimming lessons as a kid, through to a simple poached egg on toast on a hungry hungover morning.

Sometimes hunger really is the best spice.


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