Our Top 5 Posts in Year One

Well we’ve made it through a whole year on the blog. Can’t quite believe it!

facebook banner 1st birthday

In the spirit of a birthday I took a look back over our year and thought it might be interesting to share our Top 5 most popular posts with you.

So, without further ado… here they are!

Top 5 most viewed posts

5Chard Soup – who would’ve thought Chard would be so popular? That said it is a tricky vegetable to do anything nice with so there’s probably lots of people searching for inspiration for it!

4Thai Green Curry with Salmon – This is a favourite on Facebook and on here too. A delicious way to eat a healthy portion of fish with some fantastic Thai flavours.

3Portuguese Marinated Carrots – Another suprise entry, but it’s no surprise once you’ve tasted them. These little treats are served as appetisers in Portugal and are truly, deeply delicious. As well as being easy peasy to make!

2Middle Eastern Flatbread – If you’ve never made flatbreads this is the place to start. They are quick to whip up and taste amazing.

1Chana Masala – This is our most popular post by a looooong way. A big bowl of spicy, earthy, sweet curry. No wonder it’s so popular!

So those are our most-viewed posts. I like how they reflect our international tastes and show how varied people’s palates and food behaviour are these days. Do you have a favourite recipe or tip from us? Or a request or challenge for us? Let us know in the comments.

My personal favourite is probably these thai-style sweetcorn fritters which Sally and I made together. Seriously, if you haven’t made them give them a go. They don’t take long to whip up and they would look really impressive at a dinner party.

Thanks for sharing our first year of blogging, we really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read a post, leave us a comment or chat on facebook & twitter. It’s lovely to be part of such a great food community.


5 responses to “Our Top 5 Posts in Year One

  1. Interesting. I knew the Chana Masala would be number 1 as it is out top post most weeks. I am really surprised about the Portuguese Carrots too as they are not exactly a well known thing – delicious though. I am pleased about the flatbread. Considering how much time we spent trying different recipes it is good to know others are getting some benefit from it.

    My fave recipes are the Banana Peanut Butter cake & the Thai Salad. I really loved that cake & dare not make it again as I will eat too much of it.

    I really enjoyed making the Bake Off posts. It was really fun to hook up with other bakers & share thoughts & ideas.

  2. A blog anniversary is always worth celebrating. Congratulations. Loved having a look at your top posts. Interesting about the chard post. At the farmers’ market people are always asking what to do with it so I guess that makes sense. Must try those carrots.

    • Thanks Sally. It has been a fun year in blogging & we have both enjoyed it a lot. It started out as a way to learn social media & I thought it might be quite short lived but now I would miss it if I stopped. I have learned so much about food I can’t really believe it.

      Please try the carrots they are wonderfully simple & delicious.

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