Roasted Marinated Peppers

Roasted Marinated Peppers

These roasted marinated peppers are a great ingredient to have on hand to make lunch, breakfast or a snack a much tastier affair. They are full of Mediterranean flavours & goodness.

They are a great accompaniment for cheeses, especially tangy goats cheese & bread. I love to make a little tart with some puff pastry covered in these peppers, tons of soft goats cheese & fresh basil. For breakfast I often add them to an omelette with some mushrooms. They are also really good in a cous cous salad or on top of a fresh green salad for some colour and a different texture. You can even use these peppers as a side dish or tapas dish on their own.

Becky has a lovely book called Piri Piri Starfish  which is full of gorgeous recipes from all over Portugal. There are tons of recipes we love in that book. Maybe she can share the Portuguese potatoes on here one day. That dish never fails to bring the house down. Meanwhile I am sharing this recipe which originally came from that book but I think I may have changed it a little over the years. I have been making it for such a long time that I can’t remember. I think it was called Azorean Marinated Peppers & featured the same ingredients but used raw peppers.
Roasted Marinated Peppers

I know chefs are always banging on these days about quality ingredients (this does get on my nerves somewhat, we are not all millionaires!) but I do recommend a decent olive oil & some good salt for this dish. There are only a few ingredients and the olive oil is important as it is a large part of the overall flavour. It doesn’t need to be expensive first press but it should have a mellow taste. Basically just make sure you like the taste of the oil you use, as the flavour will be prominent.

The peppers are quick to prepare and keep for about a month. I don’t keep them in the fridge as the oil becomes solid & they don’t need it.
Roasted Marinated Peppers

Roasted Marinated Peppers

Ingredients (per pepper, make as many as you want):

1 pepper

2 cloves garlic

2 bay leaves (fresh or dried)

1/2 tsp salt

olive oil to cover


1. Roast the peppers whole for about 20-25 at 180 degrees. They should be soft but retain their structure & a bit of bite. If you overcook them it is ok but they will dissolve into the olive oil as they are stored so just eat them quickly.

2. Let the peppers cool until you can touch them & remove the skins (if the skins are not loose just place the peppers in a covered bowl for 10 minutes before peeling).

3. Take out the seeds, slice the peppers into wedges & let them cool completely.

4. Peel the garlic bulbs & bash them a little so that they impart their oil into the marinade.

5. Make a layer of peppers in your storage jar. Season them well with salt. They can take more seasoning than you might think. If they come out a bit bland it is probably due to lack of salt.

6. Dot a few pieces of garlic around & then add some bay leaves. I use loads of bay because I love it.

7. Keep making layers of peppers, salt, garlic & bay leaves until all the peppers have been used. Press them down gently & cover with olive oil. Seal the jar & store them somewhere dark & cool.

Roasted Marinated Peppers

They are good to eat after a couple of days. Just take the slices of pepper out of the jar & brush off some of the olive oil. Once all the peppers are gone you can add more peppers or use the oil & garlic for cooking (the infused oil is great for salad dressings).Roasted Marinated Peppers

by Sally

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