Cosmopolitan with Orange Flower Foam

Molecular Mixology Kit

While reviewing the Margarita R-evolution Molecular Mixology Set, Becky & I decided to get creative & make our own cocktails. We made a delicious raspberry gin & tonic to start and then decided to have a play with Becky’s favourite cocktail, the cosmopolitan.

We decided on the emulsification technique as the foam adds a lovely light layer of flavour. It also provides a fun texture & the hilarity of Anders trying to get it out of his facial hair.

A basic cosmopolitan is made from vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime. We decided to try and accent the flavour of the triple sec by adding some sort of orange foam. We used orange juice, sugar syrup and a last minute addition of orange flower water. This gave us a delicious, tangy foam with a pleasant floral aftertaste. Making a foam with the addition of the protein soy lecithin is quite easy as the additive stops the bubbles from popping.Molecular mixology kit
Using molecular techniques turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. We followed the recipes provided by the kit to start with but once you have had a go it is easy & interesting to experiment. Just like making a recipe in cooking we thought about the textures and how to enhance and balance different flavours.

Cosmopolitan with Orange Flower Foam

Ingredients (makes 2):

70ml vodka
30ml triple sec
50ml cranberry juice
squeeze lime
2g soy lecithin
2 tsp orange flower water
30ml simple sugar syrup (half sugar, half water)
200ml orange juice


1. Prepare the cosmopolitan first by mixing the vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake it vigorously for a couple of minutes. Strain & pour into 2 cocktail glasses.

2. To make the foam you will need a hand blender. Whisking will not create enough bubbles. Put the orange juice, orange flower water, syrup and soy lecithin into a bowl. To make the foam tilt the hand blender almost at a right angle to the liquid and blend on the highest setting. Cosmopolitan with orange flower foam3. Once there is a decent amount of foam spoon it off and add place it on top of the cocktail. Use the bender to make more until both cocktail glasses are full.
Cosmopolitan with orange flower foam

Becky enjoying her Cosmopolitan with Orange Flower foam

Becky enjoying her Cosmopolitan with Orange Flower foam

by Sally

3 responses to “Cosmopolitan with Orange Flower Foam

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    • Thanks. We did enjoy the playing around rather a lot.

      This is why we love cooking. We both have a tendency to get bored easily but there is always a new ingredient, different recipe or a new technique.

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