Last night my family arrived in Barcelona for a visit. I’d spent my first Christmas apart from my folks, so it was lovely to see them all and we thought we should celebrate in style with a trip to an intriguing looking restaurant in El Born – Saboc.


The menu is all based around the temperature of the food from raw through to 200 degrees. Their website explains it like this:

“In Saboc we have conceived a menu based on four types of cooking: raw, low temperature, with stoves and griddles.
Maybe you have never stopped to think about it, but food radically changes flavour and texture depending on the temperature and the type of cooking. Experiencing the differences is an absolute pleasure.

Our menu is replete with small and deliberately simple dishes. Intentionally designed for you to enjoy jumping from dish to dish. You will find mediterranean flavours which look at the rest of the world from the corner of their eye. Modern cuisine, accessible and informal in an environment where you will forget about the time.”

We had a wonderful evening with delicious wines from the Catalan region in a stylish restaurant with cool contemporary music playing and a selection of fabulous little dishes to share.

Here’s a few snaps and thoughts on what we ate:

62 degree egg


Both 62 degree eggs were well enjoyed. This method of cooking gives a really rich, soft yolk and this went perfectly with both accompaniments – pickled enoki mushrooms for the vegetarian in our party and ‘foamed’ potatoes and ham (tasted like mash to me!).

Tiny burger

Tiny burgers were a hit – one with gorgonzola and mascarpone (which was agreed to be the better of the two and was eaten too quickly to be photographed!) and one with foie shavings. Deliciously peppery with a crispy bun, sweet onions and beautifully cooked to still be very pink in the middle. The foie shavings were ice cold and melted on your tongue (or burger) like a creamy, rich snowflake. Delicious!

Hake with coconut and lime
The only controversial dish we had – hake with a coconut, lime and prawn sauce. The feeling around the table was that the low temperature cooking gave the fish a strange texture which not everyone enjoyed, but the sauce was a delicate coconut treat.

Carpaccio of scallop
Scallop carpaccio was enjoyed by Sally, although it could’ve used a touch more salt as the beautiful ham wasn’t quite savoury enough to season the dish.

Textures of chocolate and hazlenut
A crazy dessert of chocolate and hazlenut textures didn’t quite work as an overall dish in my husband’s opinion, but it was all polished off in record time nonetheless and various elements of it were sublime. The noisette caramel, chocolate dust and especially – especially – the praline ice cream were all declared triumphs. Eaten with a wonderful light, slightly fizzy glass of dessert wine. Perfect.

We also tried a slow cooked veal brisket dish which had a great depth of flavour. A lamb and carrot option had possible the softest meat I’d ever eaten with just a hint of anis. Duck maigret with citrus fruits was again beautifully cooked and disappeared in a flash. The food is as much about texture as flavour here, with the dishes generally being quite subtle in flavour – no big punches, but lots of quiet delights.

With a party of foodies, fussy eaters, vegetarians and people with food intolerances we can be a tricky bunch to a.) feed and b.) please, but Saboc did both with aplomb. Oh and the staff were all lovely. Definitely a restaurant I would recommend for high class eating in a beautiful setting without too much standing on ceremony.

If you go let me know what you think!

Fusina 3 (esquina Comerç)
Born. Barcelona

Tel: 932 683 080


One response to “Saboc

  1. Great review Bex. I really loved this restaurant & can’t wait to go back & try more of the menu. I have wanted to try 62 degree eggs for ages & I really enjoyed them. It felt like a really special meal & was served in the most lovely way with fantastic friendly staff. Sally.

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