Great British Bake Off – on twitter!

Ok, so we’ve got the challenge set for our Great Twitter Bake Off…



Don’t get GBBO withdrawals tommorrow, join us to bake halloween biscuits and share pictures.

Use whatever recipe you like, just make sure they are spooky! We will then all vote on the best biscuits and the winner will be awarded STAR BAKER & a magnificent crown* – and if they want to put their recipe up on our blog in a guest post, then we’d be delighted!

Oh and if you’re busy, feel free to join in by buying some biscuits and decorating them up all spooky!

Spooky halloween biscuits

Spooky pumpkin biscuits from BBC Good Food

#TWGBBO – is the hashtag on twitter (we are @recipe4gluttony)


Find us on Facebook to share your pics:

See you at GBBO o’clock tomorrow…Tuesday 29th October, 9 – 10pm – just after Paul & Mary’s Masterclass.

*Please note the magnificent crown is entirely virtual!

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