Foodie snaps

It’s a busy time for us at the moment as we get ready for the Pretty Dandy Flea at the start of October. This is a big market I organise which features vintage and handmade homewares and gifts and – for the first time – will also be including food!

As part of this we are working on some lush chutneys, jams and other treats and also preparing to help out with the cafe.

So, in lieu of a full recipe post from me, here are a few foodie snaps from my adventures over recent weeks:

Courgette flowers

Courgettes growing in my Dad’s vegetable patch

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes still ripening

Caramelised button onions

Button onions browning nicely

El Viejo Almacen empanada shop

The best empanadas in Barcelona, from El Viejo Almacen on Placa Joanic, Gracia

Empanada with beef

A spicy beef empanada from El Viejo Almacen

Horchata - tiger nut milk

Horchata is a popular drink here in Barcelona, with a strange taste. I keep buying it as I’m not exactly sure whether I like it or not. I think it’s like a cross between soya milk, cake mixture and apple juice. Unusual!

Growing green chillies

We’ve been growing chillies all summer… well plants anyway – thus far this is our only crop!

Lolita tapas restaurant Barcelona

Lolita in Barcelona serves really great tapas

Seasoned rib eye steak

Rich seasoned rib eye steaks, ready for the pan


Beautiful golden mushrooms in my local market in Gracia

Sharpened knife

Got my knife sharpened by a chap who comes round with a whistle to let you know he’s outside and sharpens it on a grindstone attached to his scooter.

So that’s a quick trip through some of my culinary exploits over the past few weeks. Hope you’ve enjoyed them!

If you’re near Nottingham pop along to the Pretty Dandy Flea on the 5th, there will be artisan breads, chocolates and vegetarian cuisines to sample, along with the delights of a fab vintage themed pop-up cafe. Plus we will be there sharing a recipe from our blog and selling some yummy preserves!


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