Gourmet Gin and Tonic

Gin Tonic with spices

Gin and Tonic is a popular drink in Barcelona. So much so, that there are signs outside bars proclaiming that they have the best gin and tonic in the city. There are a lot of “best G&T’s” out there.

However, I think maybe we found one which could be a contender. We visited a bar called Elephanta in Gracia which specialises in gin and tonics.

You can choose which gin, which tonic and which accompaniments you would like. We had gin with green apple, another with summer fruits and the clear winner – recommended by the charming barman – the Arnau.

Ingredients for a Gourmet G&T

Nut gin – a Catalan gin distilled in the London Dry method
Fever Tree tonic
A twist of orange peel

This is seriously delicious. The nutmeg and orange work perfectly with this gin (I wouldn’t try them with Bombay or Hendricks) and the whole drink is sophisticated and more-ish – a great combination. It’s also helpful that here the gin comes in chilled glasses, with lots of ice and (most importantly) large measures.

I’m sure we will head back for another some time soon, and I recommend giving it a go at home.


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