My Gluten Free Week. Day 3.

Gluten free diary
Gluten free – Day 3!

Today has been much less productive in terms of baking, I am blaming the sunshine. It was too nice to be inside, so I went for a bit of a hike. I can’t resist the woods when the sun is shining. I noticed that the mushrooms are starting to grow, so I spent the majority of the time wondering which ones I will be able to eat.

wild mushrooms in woods

Can I eat this?

It is really too early to say whether I am feeling better from the change in diet. I do feel well but that is not necessarily linked to this. I am 2 pounds lighter than I was on Monday so that is encouraging, but lasting change needs to be measured over much more than 2 days.

I have noticed that there are quite a few people reading this blog. This is really exciting for me and I would love to know what you think, you could leave comments here, on Facebook or Tweet me. Also if there are any recipes or tips you can suggest, I would love to hear about them. I have more time on my hands than is normal at the moment so I could even try out recipes for you if there is something you want to try but do not have time. Leave a comment and let me know!

Day 3’s Gluten-Free menu:

Tea and toast.

I adore toast. It is such a simple thing and I used to make whole meals with it, a savoury topping for main and a sweet one would count as dessert. I think this is a genetic disposition, my dad’s calling card is a jammy knife. Anyway, I am overjoyed by the fact that the gluten free bread I made yesterday makes a delicious slice of toast. The one shortcoming is the lack of chewiness. I used to time my slices differently in the toaster to get different crunches and chewiness and there would be fewer textures with this bread. However for crunchiness it gets a 10 out of 10. I am also still getting over the fact that you can put almond milk in sacred Earl Grey tea and it tastes the same, I am even using less sugar as the milk is a little sweet, incredible.

Rice noodles with green curry paste and vegetables and a watermelon and lime juice.

Thai rice noodles with green curry paste

This was a super tasty lunch. I love hot Thai salads. It took less than 10 minutes to make this as I had the curry paste in the fridge (I did not plan this but it does give me an excuse to link to my curry paste blog). I just cooked the noodles, chopped the veg, tossed them around with some curry paste, fish sauce and a big squeeze of lime, garnish of coriander and it was ready in no time. I could probably eat this every other day but that would make a very boring blog.

Steak with pepper sauce and chips

steak & chips

Steak and chips with a very tasty pepper sauce.

Tonight was a lovely sunny evening so we drove out into the Peak District for dinner. We were aiming for a pub where we knew they had a lot of gluten free meals but it was full and we were too hungry to wait. It was interesting to read a menu from the gluten free perspective. My choices were limited to a baked potato (never!), Caesar salad (not a fan of creamy salads), a mixed grill (it is not 1988) or steak. You can see what I went for. I am not an experienced steak eater as I didn’t eat red meat for 20 years. Peru changed all that (such carnivores!) and I am glad it did. This was tasty and juicy and the pepper sauce was delicious. Add to that the gorgeous surroundings and some hilarious friends and dinner was a winner.

Coconut cake bar.

I had a coconut and cake bar that I made yesterday with some raspberry jam – a great addition I must say. I didn’t have time to make anything today and the nanna biscuits are all gone, I guess nobody else could tell the difference either. I managed to hide a couple to take when I visit my nan tomorrow for the “Royal” approval.

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten free bread roll

The small rolls were great the same cannot be said for the larger one

I also managed to make some bread. This time I used a recipe which included linseeds. I was intrigued by their gummy properties yesterday. I tried a recipe from the blog Gluten Free Girl, more than anything because it looked so amazing in the photo. I could not follow the recipe exactly, as I did not have all the different flours (I don’t even know what teff flour is), I just added gluten free flour in the same amount as the flours I was missing. I made a large boule which has turned out badly, and some smaller bread rolls which look great. I haven’t sampled any of them yet so maybe a bacon sandwich for breakfast.

Tomorrow I am planning to go foraging for mushrooms for dinner so I may try a gluten free pastry for a tart. Also taking nan out for lunch at a tea rooms. I could be going hungry as cafes around these parts are hit and miss when it comes to variety of food, I better not have to eat a baked potato!

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