My Gluten Free Week Day 2

Gluten free diary

Day 2 has been an extremely productive one. Well I have eaten a lot of nice things!

Actually I have done some baking, learned some valuable tips (thanks blogosphere), made almond milk & meal and gathered a bunch of exciting recipes. I am therefore going to get straight into the second day instead of wittering on.

My menu for day 2

Banana & almond milk shake

I have been on a banana milkshake frenzy since I discovered how good they are with peanut butter. In an effort to make this healthier I am doing 2 things, freezing the banana so that ice cream is not necessary (it is much creamier with frozen fruit) and today was the first time I used almond milk. I bought some from the supermarket and found it to be pretty tasteless so I also made some of my own. I have to say the homemade is good but would work out ridiculously expensive in volume. I also tried it in my tea which I was convinced would be terrible as, let’s face it we English are pretty particular about tea but it was fine. I could see myself using it regularly. I think this whole pursuit was a result of spending too much time reading food blogs as I had never even thought of using anything other than dairy until I started reading about it all the time, Pinterest is to blame. Back to gluten, or the absence of it.

Potato waffle, bacon, egg, baked beans and tomato chutney.

Lunch potato waffle, bacon, egg

Lunch: Not exactly a virtuous affair but no gluten in sight

I had such virtuous intentions for lunch but bacon got in the way. I was planning a goats cheese salad with veggies from the garden and somehow ended up eating the lunch of a picky ten year old. I have to say though that this is not a blog about healthy eating, there was no gluten in my lunch, unless it is in baked beans, I forgot to check.

Vegetable spring rolls with peanut & coconut dipping sauce then pan fried sea bass with rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables.

I reckon a gluten free dinner is easy. I used rice paper on the spring rolls and rice noodles in the main. Dinner is not going to be my stumbling block (until I go out for a curry). Snacking and lunch are more difficult.

sea bass rice noodles & stri-fried vegetables

Tasty dinner of pan fried sea bass with stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles.

Coconut chickpea bars.

Chickpea & coconut cake bars

Chickpea & coconut cake bars, someone couldn’t wait until they cooled to try them.

I got this recipe from a lovely blog called Forgiving Martha. I was attracted by her crazy idea of making the previous dinner into dessert. These cake bars came after falafel and the main ingredients are chickpeas. It sounded so bizarre I wanted to try them and I am pleased I did as they are yummy. A definite success here.

Whilst making these cake bars I also learned a very important lesson, never put linseed in your blender. Linseed is a great gluten free ingredient as it turns gummy when you mix it with water. I did not read the instructions properly and thought this should be done in a blender. It does not. The 20 minutes I spent trying to get gummed up seeds out of the rubber seal on the blender were not the best part of my day. Next time I will mix them by hand in a cup and it will take approximately 15 seconds.

linseed for baking

Linseed is a gummy customer, keep it away from your blender

Nanna Biscuits.

I wanted to try adapting a recipe I am familiar with to gluten free, so I decided to have a go at nanna biscuits. You can guess where the recipe comes from. We all went crazy for these as kids and still do. I have no idea where my nan got the recipe but they are basically an oaty, gingery biscuit with a hint of golden syrup. I made them almost the same just swapped normal flour for gluten free and they are lovely. I am really pleased with them and can’t tell any difference. I will have to test them on the lady herself to make sure.

Gluten free bread

The bread I made yesterday was pretty inedible. I really hated the flavour but it was a pretty strange recipe. I decided to try something more conventional and chose a recipe from the appliances online blog. They have really great recipes and this one looked like proper bread. It is by Carol Poirot and I really liked that it didn’t have tons of complicated ingredients and it has pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I am just enjoying my first slice. It has a good texture and is really tasty. With a bit of homemade raspberry jam I can’t tell much difference from regular bread. The texture is a little crumblier and not as chewy but I really like it. This gives me hope that I can be gluten free and still enjoy bread – SCORE!

All in all it has been a very successful and interesting day and I am stuffed. Hopefully my bread is going to make some great toast in the morning. Tomorrow night I am eating out and my lovely friends are letting me choose the restaurant as I am the one “on the weird faddy diet”. I can’t decide whether to go somewhere normal, like a pub and see how many gluten free choices there are or make them go for sushi, I miss sushi.

Gluten free Bread with pumpkin & sunflower seeds

Great recipe, lovely bread.

by Sally

3 responses to “My Gluten Free Week Day 2

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  2. Loving the diary, Sal. Lots of insights and chuckles. I’ve been inspired to try and cut out gluten a bit too. So far so good – except the not drinking beer bit of course! That’s been a struggle but will try and search out a gluten free brew today x

    • Thanks Anders, glad you are enjoying it. I can’t imagine cutting out gluten in Barcelona with all those amazing bakeries. I would never be able to walk down doughnut street again. Good luck with the GF beer search

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